About the project

Greenway is our answer to the challenge of leveraging the experience of Rossio Railway Station for its users
(regular and one-time visitors)

A bit about Rossio...

The station was designed by architect José Luis Monteiro and built between 1887 and 1890
Conceived at first as a Central Station, it is now the starting-point for the Lisboa-Sintra suburban railway

Design Research

Several methodologies were applied to identify the main issues inside and in the vicinity of the station, in particular: Affinity diagramming, Brainstoming Webs, Behavioral mapping (coupled with shadowing), Surveys, Personas as well as a wide array of observational techniques


    The following maps exemplify some of our findings

    Distribution of Public & Private areas
    Light Intensity
    Passengers Flow


    Observation allowed us to gain specific insights concerning the users of the station: Some behaviours invited us to reconsider the level of comfort of the station for a more vulnerable population as well as users with labor-intensive jobs who transit through Rossio

Areas and Services

Level 0

Level 2

These roof windows allow for the same value in light intensity on the periphery of the platforms as on the central nave



Observation and a survey indicating the lack of seats, allowed us to understand that the users of the station end up resorting for support on the low walls surrounding the train tracks, with the increased risk of falling and accidents while possibly retrieving objects


Concept Development

Sintra as the background character
Users as the protagonists

Having in mind the connection to Sintra and proximity to other gardens and parks, the new layout intends to:

  1. Bring back vegetation into an area once covered in collective fields
  2. Allow users to discover the integrality of the station cultural heritage
  3. Improve accessibility of the station for users with physical disabilities

New Layout Level 0

New Layout Level 2