The RLX app serves as a new tool to help people release stress while interacting with the many confusing and overwhelming aspects of the Rossio train station. Divided by its many functions, the App consists off its multiple screens, such as search & Ticket buying, log in and Profile, settings and options; as well as Relaxation.

Main Page

in Here the user gets to search schedules and routes to buy the right ticket and not have to wait in the station while others, or the user, buy their tickets.


In the Relaxation area, the user can opt for our auditory options of meditation and relaxing sounds, such as water, wind, words of affirmation, and more, or they can also choose the music they like.

another aspect is our augmented reality option where they can gather information or unique animations by pointing at certain objects such as the plants, the wayfinding lines, the tiles in the train lines area, the fountain, the lights, and more.


In favorites, the user gets to save their most frequent rides and routes in order to be more efficient.

In the search window, the user can ask questions, report mistakes, and look at the FAQ.

The settings option can define sound, light, ways of payment, languages, contacts connection, alerts, notifications and information, social media connection, and more.


In the profile screen, the user can create an account to further personalize the app, the users that don't want a profile aren't obligated to have one.