“There is no standing still, because time is moving forward.”
- Greg Lake

As humans, movement in time and space is constant throughout our daily lives. Time passes by, we move to know new places, we move to achieve our responsabilities, we move to meet new humans and discover new things.

Transportation allows us to move faster and more efficiently, as well as visit places we considered inaccessible. This makes train stations an important part of our lives. A train station is a place where we connect to cities, to people. Rossio station is more than just a place for transportation, it is an important historical monument of Lisbon.


Ondo is a project aiming to create a public space where we seek
socio-cultural sustainability.

Rossio station becomes the heart of making culture palpable for all people
from different backgrounds, achieving a sense of community.


We have decided to create an app to allow the diverse variety of visitors of Lisbon to explore the city and learn about its culture and history. The app allows users to expand their knowledge, all while having fun collecting score around the monuments, as well as meeting one another and exploring different cultures.

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Ondo team has also decided to implement an artistic installation that will have a social impact, create discussion and raise awareness on the importance of connecting to history, culture and the community.

The concept for the installation resides in the fact that screens, phones, tablets or computers, are disconnecting us from each other and from the space we are in. But screens are also where we can browse the Internet and therefore knowledge.

On each screen we can find historical photographs and portraits we can link to the portuguese cultural heritage.

There are questions and interesting facts displayed on numerous screens, which make the viewer wonder about the portuguese history and the lives of the people around them. There is also a special screen dedicated to posts made on the Ondo app promoting the importance of actively exploring the city and connecting to one another.


Eva Moreira

Omer Gilony

Stella Kralj