We believe everyone should feel taken care of and have easy access to any help or information they could possibly need.

Due to having a concept that largely revolves around the use of lights in the station the idea for a brand name started at the word ignite. Ignite means to catch fire or cause to catch fire and it Portuguese it translates to the word Acender. We then removed the R at the end of the word and settles on the name Acende which translates to lights up, this is fitting due to the vision of “lighting up” the station with great lights.

The concept and ideal goal that is wanted to be reached is improving the station in a way that can better a person’s overall experience and interaction with its features along with providing an environment that is serene and lowers high levels of stress and tension. To ameliorate the low level of information provided in the train station at the moment, what will be developed is a new system that not only offers all information that one needs at easy access, but also presenting it in a way that is simple, easy to understand and comprehensible for users of all ages and origins. The station uses too much paper for tickets, another problem to solve. There are no benches and any kind of interactivity and enterteinment in the waiting area, the time of people waiting for the train is long and boring. Tickets machines are massive, there are not many of them and not everyone can buy tickets there due to the several reasons. The main goal is to offer an improved environment that provides all that is needed from a user and gives them a better experience when going to the Rossio train station.

Use of green lights
New ticket machines
Reusable transportation card
Wayfinding system
Interactive wall, promo roosters
Mobile App

With the objective being to further lower stress and create a more comfortable environment, some inspiration will be taken from Japan’s train stations. Japan faces the problem of a large number of suicides occurring within the train and metro stations, in hopes of bringing the suicide and death rate down some installments were made and their most effective method was installing blue lights among the platforms.
The blue light technique brought down suicides in Japanese train stations by 85%. However blue light wont be used as a solution due to the discovery that excessive blue light can cause eye problems, some negative reactions to the brain and even sleep issues. Instead of blue, the colour green is what will be used to light up the platforms and be used within the new system. Studies within colour therapy supports that the colour green can offer a sense of balance and due to being known to represent nature, it can be a comforting colour that is able to diffuse anxiety and stress within the brain.
The main goal is to offer an improved environment that provides all that is needed from a user and gives them a better experience when going to the Rossio train station.

Currently, there are 3 ticket machines in the central part of the station, which is insufficient for the central station, where there is always a flow of tourists. At rush hour, waiting for the purchase of tickets creates a congestion of people, in consequence of which there are more risks of being late for the train. Old ticket machines are quite massive, which is unnecessary. With regards to the interface, observing newcomers on not everyone understands it and many people need help. Also, at the moment, existing ticket machines are not adapted for the use of people with disabilities, dwarfs and children. The last and no less important point for order at the station is the absence of trash cans for tickets near the ticket machines, which does not give the best look to the overall picture of the historic station at the end of the day. For this reason, our proposal to combine all these needs in one machine and to make the interface as simple and straightforward to use as possible, buying a train ticket should not seem to a person as a process of hacking the central bank system. Our proposed option is a two-side machine, on one side there is a step for the convenience of buying tickets for dwarfs and children, on the other side there are two screens, one large as on the opposite side and the other smaller lower, created for people in wheelchairs. Added trash bins near ticket machines.

One of the possible solutions we’d like to implement in the train station is the improvement within the excessive use of the train tickets, specifically the ones made of paper that are bought temporarily and disregarded after not much use. Non reusable train tickets can be problematic to the environment and the problem of mass accumulation of paper waste within the station. The solution is to replace the paper cards with returnable long lasting plastic cards. Although plastic isn’t a great solution for the environment it can help lower paper waste by enforcing a policy where the cards are brought back to be reused by the next person. When someone wants to buy a temporary ticket for only a few trips, they’d put in a deposit for the new card and later return the card to be used again and receive their money back.

The Interactive wall by Acende is truly a journey and the best companion for every visitor of the station. The Wall is an interactive portal where users can get information for leisure activities in and around Lisbon. The wall archive includes 4 categories: food; nature; viewpoints; curiosities. These 4 categories include several subcategories for each of them. Each of them carries information about the details of this place, and how to get there. The list of locations will be subject to constant change and update.

Acende is a brand created that is dedicated to changing the Rossio Train station for the better. The wayfinding system is also interconnected with light, the direction arrows of the path and all signs use neon strip of light. The backlight and color of the letters correspond to the direction to the area of interest.

When analyzing the space of the station, it was revealed that there were clearly no waiting areas and seating places, in connection with which these seating areas were created with the introduction of nature, to soften the surrounding atmosphere and the workload of people after a working day. When creating, the moment of the need for a backrest at the bench was taken into account for maximum comfort of travelers waiting for their train.

Our app has characteristics that allow easy and efficient usage for all. The design is focused on a stress free interaction where minimalistic and simple elements are applied. Elements such as specific fonts and colors and the applications tone of voice will are friendly in a way that allows users to feel well attended to and cared about. The goal of our character is to encourage the users to feel less intimidated by the interface and gain confidence in using it. The character is designed in an abstract hand drawn way that has a child-like feeling to provide a sense of ease. The character acts as a guide in the world of our project where Lisbon, the station and its application can be explored. The application has features where not only will it provide help, information and navigation of the system but also Lisbon as a whole, promo roosters and much more. It will have elements for tourists to explore in great detail and have navigation through GPS to ensure less confusion of destinations.

Jessicca Sutton

Ana Guleac

Miguel Pinheiro

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