Education Carear
During my high school years I passed throw out multiple experiences, starting studying physic and biology for a year to then economics, economics was a school area that I was very interested in but didn't feel like it was my vocation so in the last year of high school I decided to take a risk and make a 3 years course of arts in just one (since I didn't want to repeat all the 3 years process), in that year, 2019, I had to take multiple exams to make all the curricular units of art, with a lot of effort I could make and with an average of 15,6/20, with this grade average I could enter at IADE with a half scholarship. during my first year in college, I understood that design is my vocation and during that year I developed multiple projects and in my free time, I was able to search more about the areas that most interested me, during the second year I had an exponential rise in my grades, which reflected also the exponential growth in my interest in some areas of design. Some of the projects I was able to develop during this second year I was able to make something I would never expect, making a video game! something that, at the time, seemed impossible to mee in turn into a reality, and I can say that was one of my first big projects since it had a bigger team and interworking with other students from the programming area. at this time I was also able to start having some basics about programming, at the time just unity, and it turn out as a big hobby to me now. Right now I'm finishing my third year, still a lot of works to develop and much more to learn.

Design Preferences
My design prefers go a lot into product design, I love creating a solution for a problem and product design in my opinion is exactly that, create the best design to solve the problem and to better usage of the product. At the moment im working more in 3D design and modelling and website Design and programming. But my real passion in Design is mechanical and robotic design, which im home studying it for now and try to see a good course to get my masters on, at the moment I don’t have any robotic project but I plan to have it soon!

Web design
Product design
Web design
Graphic design
Game design
UX/UI design
Cinema 4D
Visual Estudio Code

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