Go On- always on track

Rossio station is located in Rossio square in Lisbon. It is known to the the main connection between Lisbon and the line of Sintra. Analyzing the space of the railway station of Rossio we identified existing problems with the objective of improving the design of the space to provide a better user experience. The absence of an inclusive design was identified, namely with regard to accessibility and the way finding system. By focusing on inclusivity we designed On- always on track. The project’s goal is to create an inclusive design through the use of colors so that visual communication is simple to understand by colorblind and create easy access for people with disabilities, luggage and strollers.
The concept behind Go on is to create texturized and colored paths to guide people to theirs desired destination. These paths, when applied on the floor will draw attention since in the modern days people have their focus on their phones while walking and aren’t aware of their surroundings, thus having the field vision directed downwards.
Go on provides an inclusive way finding system by communicating through colors, patterns and icons. The app has a minimalist design to facilitate the perception of information by color blind and dyslexic users.


Adelasia Maggi
Jéssica Alexeev
Xia Qianyin


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